Feedback from customers in Zambia! 2024-05-08

It was a pleasure to receive feedback from Zambia customers about the pictures of the sideboard semi-trailer.  

This is an introduction from our new customer from Zambia, through our old customer who purchased a sidewall semi-trailer. 

We learned that this grain transporter mainly uses sidewall semi-trailers to transport grains such as corn and wheat. Therefore, we recommend this one to the customer, with a load of 50 tons, air suspension with a single tire, and a fuel tank of 700L to ensure the safety and stability of the customer during transportation.  

At the moment the customer received the semi-trailer at the end of April and immediately sent feedback. 

Thank you for choosing us!  Interested in our products? Contact us via Whatsapp today: 8613666007515!

dropside trailer.jpg drop deck trailer.jpg side wall trailer.jpg


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